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We are always getting asked about social media marketing.  We wanted to offer something better than just scheduling posts and writing blogs.  So we went to a social media marketing expert and had them help us create a full fledged system that will not just give you a presence on social media.  This system will actually set you apart as the thought leader in your industry. 

 The CK-TB Social Media Marketing System

1. Point your VA to your industry leaders. – Your VA will use Buzzsumo to find the most popular content in the world around subjects within your industry.

2. Create a top 10 list – Your VA will send you a list of the most popular post for you to choose a top 10 every week. (VA’s can pick for you if you’d like) This will be different based on your industry. For example, professional service companies will be focused on educational content vs. consumer product companies will be focused on fun and image heavy content.

3. Schedule your posts – We schedule those as posts across social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

4. Create and send your weekly email – We’ll use a professionally designed email template in Mailchimp to send your email subscribers your weekly/monthly Top 10. This makes you look like a thought leader because you’re supplying everyone else with the news.

5. Create and post Blog – This will also be converted into a blog post on your site, for example: “10 Most Important Real Estate Trends in Utah- February 2017 Edition”.

6. Jump in on conversations – While all of this is happening, the VA will use social media listening to jump in on conversations related to your business.

7. Automatically follow and comment – Additionally, they’ll use tools to automatically follow others and comment on their posts to generate awareness of your brand.

The hours your VA will use to create and run this campaign will depend on the options you choose but plan on a min. of about 5 hours /week.
If you would like us to start this program for you. Tell your project manager you want the “CK-TB social media marketing system”  and they will help you get started.


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Real Estate

Contact leads that come into your office and qualify the lead. If things look good, we will schedule a meeting for your agents to close the deal.