Learning Activity 2: Introspection Activity

Launch the Working Introspection eBook. This E-book contains narratives and activities that will allow you to understand Self-Reflection, Introspection, Emotional Awareness, and Self-Awareness that lead you to understanding and determining how to identify your self-motivation (intrinsic type of motivation).

The activities include the right process to self-reflection, the factors to consider on how to do introspection correctly, identifying your level of emotional awareness and how to become self-aware of your actions, thoughts, emotions and direction.

Use the Introspection Diary to write down your thoughts daily.

Also included as part of the E-book activities is the free online version of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI Personality test) from 16Personalities, that will help you with your level of self-awareness and the direction to find your intrinsic motivation. Note that this version from 16Personalities is for informational and illustrative purposes only. This is to help you gain a general idea of who you know you are, based on how it is interpreted in the test.

Do not forget to send a copy of your test results by pressing <Control + P> to print and save the results in the following format: <Last Name, First Name / MBTI test>. Send a copy of this via email to your coach. If you need help with the activities, you may reach out to your Coach for assistance.

This Lesson Assignment will take 45 minutes to complete. Once done, go back to this page to proceed to the next lesson segment / left wheel icon.