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Aloha! Thank you for deciding to become a part of TaskBullet University.  

Allow us to guide you on your journey of growth, education, behaviors and habits that will transform you into an exemplary Virtual Assistant.


When moving from one page to the next, simply:

Click on the yellow pointing hand (if it is on the bottom right of the page) 

Click on the icon the hand is pointing at (if it is in the left dial) 

Make sure that you use a speaker to listen to the audio when available. 

Doing the above instructions will allow you to have the right Learning Experience as you complete this series.

If you have any questions or concerns while going through any segment of the Module, reach out to your coach or our Lead Coach for assistance via Skype. 

https://join.skype.com/wQshCnjrrwEi  (TB U Chat Channel)