Self-Reflectiveness Learning Activity

Before we proceed with our Self-Reflectiveness Learning Activity, take the time to review over the results of your mini quiz from the prior page.

To know how you scored in the comprehension quizzes from the prior page, select ‘Learning Guide Tenets 1’ on the left side panel of the Course Segments. You gain 2 points each from the narrative quizzes. Incorrect answers will show feedback on what the correct answer should be. To return to this page, click ‘Continue’.

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Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

The Self-Reflectiveness Learning Activity

Wanting to know how self-reflective you are? Do this 7-minute test titled TBU Self Reflective Quiz. This is a very good quiz to determine how much you know yourself and what are your general views when fazed with life situations. It also provides additional information on how positive you are in your general life outlook that shows in the way you think, act and connect to other people and to the world.

Note that the results of this test are for informational and illustrative purposes only and should not be taken as a professional advice or directive. If you need professional help, please seek professional assistance. This quiz intends to give its takers a wholistic outlook of what one’s thoughts and daily actions may indicate.

For this activity, you will need to create a copy of the test to become your answer sheet. Once you launch the test, it will open to another tab. Go back to this page to follow the instructions below in creating a copy. Click TBU Self-Reflective Quiz to access the test.


1.) To create a copy of the file, go to ‘File’, then ‘Make a Copy’.

2.) Rename the new copy as <Learner Last Name, First Name / TBU Self-Reflective Quiz>.

3.) Complete the creation of your answer sheet by clicking the green box ‘Make a copy’.

4.) Proceed with answering the test. Note that there is no right or wrong answers from the choices. Being honest about yourself and what your usual reactions are to specific situations is pertinent to your responses.

5.) Put your answers only on the box provided for. DO NOT use any other letters aside from the specified choices. USE ONLY lower case letters.

6.) Press ‘Enter’ once your choice has been entered. Answer box will remain to be RED if missed or left unanswered. Make sure that all questions are answered completely.

7.) Once done, on the newly created file, click on ‘Share’ and add your Coach’s email address: <raya@taskbullet.com>.

8.) Copy the link and save it on your Simplenote or Notepad for submission when you are done. Click ‘Done’.

Answer all the questions below to be able to submit and complete this activity.

Please click: ‘Submit’ above or below to proceed.