Marketing Virtual Assistant

Let us help with your marketing tasks like social media, content creation, email marketing, graphic design, web design, listing management, and more!

Marketing Virtual Assistant

Plans & Pricing

Awareness Bucket

Billed at $260.00 for 20 hours of  virtual assistant services

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Save 20%

Great way to put us to the test.


Traffic Bucket

Billed at $660.00 for 60 hours of virtual assistant services

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Save 15%

Perfect fit for business professionals ready to start building their business.


Conversions Bucket

Billed at $1440.00 for 160 hours of  virtual assistant services

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Save 30%

If You know what you're doing and just need a staff you can count on, look fo further


Billed at $1440.00 for 160 hours of virtual assistant services

If your business is ready for marketing, then you've heard a virtual marketing assistant might be a good fit.

That puts you in one of two categories.

Category 1

You have never used a virtual marketing assistant, but you are ready to give it a go.

Category 2

You have used a virtual marketing assistant and failed, but confident your next try will work.

Let me save you some time here!


Before you know it, you will have a bunch of wasted time and money as your "lesson learned". This not only leaves a bad taste in your mouth about virtual marketing assistants. You may never try again and learn how great a virtual marketing assistant can be for your business.


Unless you know exactly what you need and exactly how to do it, you will need to set aside some time to train/work with your virtual marketing assistant, and refine your processes through trial and error before you can completely offload your marketing.

While TaskBullet does have the best marketing virtual assistants on the planet and by far the best virtual assistant system (TaskBullet Bucket System).

We are still vulnerable to these same pitfalls of lesser virtual assistant companies. So we fixed this problem by creating a managed marketing service. (Process Black Marketing)


  • Pick a Plan

    You will notice the hourly rate is a little higher for the Process Black Buckets. This is due to the highly specialized virtual assistants we will have working on your project. The overall bucket system will work the same as TaskBullet but you will need to purchase an additional bucket of hours from Process Black to utilize the team.

  • Power Hour

    Your Power Hour set up call will consist of a thirty minute to an hour-long phone call with your marketing expert. They will ask you several questions to better help you understand your customer and their needs. Your marketing expert will use this information to create content specific to your customer and their needs.

  • Strategy

    Once we know about your business and audience we can start to put together a strategy that will get you to your goals.

  • Get To Work

    Once the strategy is set, your marketing manager will work with our highly trained marketing virtual assistants to implement your strategy for you. Your team of virtual marketing experts will draw from your bucket of hours while they implement your strategy. When you use up all your hours, purchase another bucket of hours, and keep going. You can go as fast or as slow as you want, turbocharge one month or scale back the next.

  • Ongoing

    When you are ready to move to the next package you can, or you can stay where you are, it's all up to you. If you don't see the results you want, you can cancel anytime, and we will refund the remaining hours in your bucket.

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