B2B (business to business) – Updated for 2021

B2B is an acronym for “Business to Business”

Business to business is referring to the exchange of products, services or information between business.

B2C is an acronym for “Business to Consumer”

Business to consumer is referring to the exchange of products, services, or information between business and the consumer…

What would be an example of a company that does B2B marketing?

An example of a business that is primarily B2B marketing is a virtual assistant company. Virtual assistant companies market their services to other businesses looking for help with marketing, social media marketing, social networking, appointment setting, research….etc.
While a virtual assistant company may conduct consumer-facing interactions on behalf of there customers. Their relationship is with the business they are contracted with and not the consumer.

What would be an example of a company that does B2C marketing?

An example of B2C marketing would be a grocery store. You might be thinking to wait, a business can purchase things from grocery stores. Yes, but B2C means business to consumer not customer. Anyone/entity that purchases something from a business could be considered a customer. Consumer refers to the end-user. (the last person/entity that will be using the product or service being sold)

Can you be a business that does both B2B and B2C sales and marketing?

Yes, An example of a company that does both B2B (business 2 business) sales and marketing and B2C (Business 2 consumer) sales and marketing would be a printing company. Printing companies will often sell their products to the general public and companies. (the consumer)
They will also sell their products to print brokers. (the customer) Print brokers purchase the product at a discounted rate and resell it to the consumer.

There are many other examples of companies that do both B2B sales and marketing and B2C sales and marketing. I just listed three types of companies that I thought would be easy to identify with. I hope this answered your question about B2B and B2C.