[raw] [two_third] [toggle color=’#2e3750′ toggle open=”false” title=”How does your Bucket System work for purchasing a Virtual Assistant?”] With our unique Bucket of Hours system you purchase hours that the Virtual Assistant will pull from while they work on your tasks. The hours you purchase are good for 3 months. There is no contract or monthly payment, simply use as many or as little of the hours in your bucket as you need (within the 3 months). When your bucket of hours runs out you can switch plans, take a break, or purchase the same bucket and continue the service. It’s as simple as that.
[/toggle] [toggle color=’#2e3750′ toggle open=”false” title=”What tasks can my Virtual Assistant perform for me?”] Tasks can be of almost any type that does not require a physical presence & can be executed using a computer. The best tasks are those type’s that you can easily explain/teach us through chat or email. All of our Virtual Assistants are trainable and love learning new things. We love challenges and learning how to do what we are asked to do properly as long as everything is decent and legal.
Click here for a list of the most common tasks we complete for our clients.
[/toggle] [toggle color=’#2e3750′ toggle open=”false” title=”What language will my Virtual Assistant speak?”] All of our filipino Virtual Assistants speak English and have a minimal neutral accent. They are easily understood when speaking and understand very well when spoken to.
[/toggle] [toggle color=’#2e3750′ toggle open=”false” title=”What is the quality of work I can expect to get back from my Virtual Assistant?”] Like every new employee there is a learning curve. Our Virtual Assistants are very well educated and have a lot of experience completing tasks for past clients. This helps mitigate a lot of the necessary training time needed to get them up to speed. All tasks are first checked by a quality control person to help catch any mistakes before they are sent back to you. That being said, they still need time and some training to deliver your tasks back to you in the manner you want.
[/toggle] [toggle color=’#2e3750′ toggle open=”false” title=”Does my Virtual Assistant work my business hours?”] Yes, our project managers typically work U.S. business hours.  If you need a different set of hours and/or weekends we can accommodate your needs.
[/toggle] [toggle color=’#2e3750′ toggle open=”false” title=”Where are your Virtual Assistants located?”] All our Virtual Assistants are located in the Philippines.
[/toggle] [toggle color=’#2e3750′ toggle open=”false” title=”Can my Virtual Assistant make outbound calls?”] Yes, but only for minimal research and administrative tasks (not sales). Clients that would like outbound calls are expected to purchase Skype credits for their Virtual Assistant or give them access to a business or personal Skype account.

[/toggle] [toggle color=’#2e3750′ toggle open=”false” title=”Is there a trial period or money back guarantee?”] We do not offer a trial period, however we do offer a 60 day Money Back Guarantee on any UNUSED hours. If you are not happy with the service.

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