How It Works- Task Bullet Virtual Assistant Bucket System

Hi, Danny Nappy here with Task Bullet and this How It Works video!

At Task Bullet we do things a little differently.

We use what we call the bucket system. You purchase a bucket of hours and your virtual assistant will pull from those hours while they perform your tasks.

There are no contracts, no hidden fees, no extra fees. You only pay for the price of the bucket, and when you use up all the hours in your bucket, you can purchase another bucket and keep going or take a break.

It’s up to you.

The hours in your bucket are good for three months. There’s no rush to use them by the end of each month.

If you find that a VA isn’t right for you or it just isn’t working the way you want it, we have you covered with our 60-day money-back guarantee. We will refund the unused hours in your bucket up to 60 days.

So what does each bucket of hours get you?

You get a dedicated virtual assistant who will work during your business hours. A dedicated project manager who also works your business hours. 24/7 customer support. Access to our entire team of virtual assistants and the peace of mind that we can actually save you time.

So you can focus on the more important things in life. Choose the bucket of hours that’s best for you and let’s get you started.