We need to schedule your "Welcome call".  Please take a second and pick a time that will work for you.

What to expect next

Welcome email

  • 01

    You will be receiving an email titled “Welcome to TaskBullet” This email will have a brief description of Basecamp and contact info for the support staff.

  • 02

    If you didn't book an appointment above. Please follow the link in your “Welcome to TaskBullet” email and pick a time for us to call you.

Basecamp invite

  • 01

    Keep your eye out for your invite to“Basecamp”. It will be sent to the email address you listed when you signed up.

  • 02

    Sign in to your basecamp account and get familiar with the look and feel. We will walk you through this during your welcome call.

getting ready

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    The majority of your welcome call will be spent familiarizing you with your new basecamp account. It will help you to have it open during the call so be sure to set it up first.

  • 02

    If you already have a Basecamp account and know it well, you can start assigning tasks, just remember to assign your project manager so they see your uploaded tasks.  If you have questions we can answer them in the welcome call.

The Welcome Call scheduler will show up as soon as this video ends.

(it's only 3 min)

Lets Schedule Your Welcome Call And Get Started.