8 Best Virtual Assistant Companies

Quick Summary of the 8 Top Virtual Assistant Companies:

The advent of the VA (virtual assistant) has been one of the most exciting parts of the internet age. Businesses all around the world have benefited greatly from these helpful organizations.

Designed to streamline operations through remote support, they allow all kinds of tasks to be outsourced. But there are a whole lot of virtual assistant companies out there. How do you know which one to go with?

We’ve researched and ranked the best VA companies so that you can choose wisely. Here are the 8 top virtual assistant companies.

  1. Task Bullet
  2. Time Etc.
  3. Boldly
  4. Belay
  6. Uassistme.com
  7. MyTasker
  8. Task Molly

1. Task Bullet

Task Bullet is the best virtual assistant option available in 2019. They put significant efforts into ongoing training and education for their employees.

With TaskBullet you purchase a bucket of hours, which your VA pulls from while they perform your tasks. Every bucket of hours is affordable ($6-11 per hour). Your VA is trained to stay in constant contact with you, keeping you updated, letting you know what they’re doing for you and why.

Task Bullet’s excellent customer service is very well-known. Task Bullet puts an uncommon emphasis on honesty which many of their clients comment about in online reviews.

When you sign up with Task Bullet, there are no hidden fees, contracts, or commitments of any kind. Hours in the bucket last for 3 months! And not only do unused hours roll over, but you can get your money back on them if you choose.

Virtual Assistants specialize in data entry, admin support, real estate, social media, web development, marketing services, and internet research. They also have extremely high-quality sales assistance and live agents.

If you go with Task Bullet, it’s virtually guaranteed to be a great experience and well worth it.

2. Time Etc.

Trends show that small businesses like Time Etc. They aren’t very expensive ($23 per hour on average), which is nice, and they have VAs all over the country.

Now, clients like this because no matter your region or schedule, you get a virtual assistant who accommodates your time zone. If having a VA who speaks in your local accent, Time Etc. might be able to help you with that.

The price per hour goes down the more hours you buy. As well as your unused hours rollover with Time Etc and don’t expire until 60 days.

A very nice feature. They have a mobile app and a Chrome extension that makes your interacting with them very convenient.

Foreign-language speaking VAs are available. This company specializes in sales, research, social media, marketing, writing, organization, and administration.

3. Boldly

Another high-price virtual assistant option, this company boasts a “100% satisfaction guarantee”. All employees of Worldwide 101 have 10+ years working as executive assistants.

Their VAs are vetted and educated. They specialize in project management and marketing. For 10 hours per month subscription, the cost is around $400. They have larger packages that include more hours at higher price points.

Worldwide 101 is also a good option if you work with clients overseas.

Instead of trying to hire someone traditionally on your own, Worldwide 101 does it for you. They will handle benefits and payroll for the person assigned to you.

Essentially, they lease the person to you for a fee every month. Many of their clients are startup companies. If that describes your business, perhaps look into this option.

They pretty much do everything, from administrative work to design and marketing, as well as call management.

4. Belay

Belay is known for the exceptional quality of its employees. Are you the kind of employer who needs everything to be perfect?

The kind of boss who stresses over hiring the perfect person? Belay might be the virtual assistant for you to choose from. Though pricey (around $40 per hour), this company provides great VA services.

Their employees have bachelor’s degrees and go through intense training. They’re very professional in everything they do. Employees here are referred to as executive assistants.

When you sign up with them, you have to pay a near $500 start-up fee. To our knowledge, this is the only virtual assistant company that has a fee like that.

But with Belay, you essentially get an administrative assistant or executive administrator. It’s a step up from many of the other VA companies. Some of their clientele include high-end executives and corporate officers.


These guys are great at work that’s task-based – administrative stuff. And they’re affordable. Individual tasks cost $1 and go up from there. So you can send them tasks on an individual basis.

If your company has lots of administration tasks that are small, WERVAS can be a really good option. You can also purchase hourly packages with them for around $8-9 per hour on average.

They advertise as helping clients achieve a work-life balance by giving them the tedious, small tasks. Everything from appointment setting to sending birthday cards, they do it for you.

Administrative and personal tasks are within their scope. They also do SEO and web design.

6. Uassist.Me

Unassist.Me is a good VA to choose if you have lots of employees or clients who speak Spanish. Social media is also a strong point of theirs. Expect to pay an average of around $12 or so per hour, give or take a few dollars.

They assign you an assistant dedicated just to you. This means that before signing up with them, be sure you know exactly what service you’re looking for.

They’ll assign you a virtual assistant who specializes in the skill you need. Some service highlights include collections, customer service, bookkeeping, and email management.

Also worth noting that they don’t go off an hours-worked system. They use an accomplishments-based system, which is unique.

7. MyTasker

Need a Spanish-speaking virtual assistant? This is the best feature of Uassist.Me. If you need documents (PDFs, brochures, etc) translated into Spanish, they’re great for things like this.

Is your budget limited? MyTasker may be a good choice for you. Though its list of services isn’t as robust as other virtual assistants, their reviews speak for themselves.

Many companies who go with MyTasker are looking for a VA to work in the background, so to speak. Because they’re efficient at what they do.

They focus less on work that directly faces the client and more on behind-the-scenes tasks. Plus, they allow clients to pick workers based on particular skills.

Though this costs a little extra, this is a feature that many of their users love. It’s worth noting that other virtual assistant companies that have this feature without an up-charge. Regardless, some clients still prefer MyTasker.

A unique feature of their operation is that their India-based location is under constant video camera surveillance. On top of that, their VAs have their individual office spaces and are supervised on-site by a senior employee.

Why is this worth noting? Because this means that you’re still covered if your “person” is sick or quits. Doing their business this way offers a safety net of sorts to their clients.

MyTasker’s services include spreadsheets and PDF creation, appointment scheduling, calls screening, file transcription, and research. They also help with eCommerce stores, web design, and lots of administrative-type tasks like editing, calendar management, and more.

They’re pricing is on a pay as you go structure which a lot of people like. On average, MyTasker is between $14 and $18 per hour.

8. Task Molly

When it comes to project management, Task Molly does a great job. Though they offer more services than that, PM is where they excel.

Many companies higher Task Molly to be there IT consultant. Their staff is particularly trained in information and project technology. One downside of Task Molly is their price point. They aren’t cheap.

Though many people say the cost is worth it, if you’re on a budget this may not be the option for your business. Around $35 per hour is where you can expect them to be.

To their clients, they are referred to as a virtual office team. In addition to project management, they set up software systems as well as manage them.

More services they provide include email management, coordinate travel, recruitment and hiring support, bookkeeping, data entry, vendor relationships, and consulting.

And don’t forget appointment settings, digital marketing, sales support, automation, and social media.

They do have some other differences compared to their competitors. When you sign up with them, you select your package based on the number of hours you project to use.

If the month goes by and you haven’t used all the hours you paid for, they don’t roll over. They simply start over again for the new month. So when you use Task Molly, you need to think about how hours per month you think you’ll need.

You don’t want to waste your money and pay for a bunch of hours that don’t get used.

*Task Molly doesn’t do contracts, which is nice for some companies.