8 Best Virtual Assistant Companies

Unlock efficiency with the top virtual assistant companies – your key to business growth in the digital era. As the demand for remote support skyrockets, selecting from the multitude of virtual assistant companies available can be daunting. That’s why we’ve diligently curated a list of the 8 top virtual assistant companies, ensuring you partner with a service that not only meets but exceeds your business needs.

These elite virtual assistant companies are the powerhouses of the Internet age, transforming businesses worldwide. They offer unparalleled remote support, allowing for a wide range of tasks to be outsourced seamlessly. Our comprehensive analysis ranks the best in the industry, empowering you to make an informed decision.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur seeking to enhance productivity or a large enterprise looking to optimize operations, these virtual assistant companies are equipped to elevate your workflow. Explore our meticulously compiled summary and discover the perfect VA company to partner with, propelling your business to new heights.

  1. Task Bullet
  2. Time Etc.
  3. Boldly
  4. Belay
  6. Uassistme.com
  7. MyTasker
  8. Task Molly

1. Task Bullet

TaskBullet’s Additional Benefits and Specializations:

TaskBullet stands out with its flexible hour rollover policy, ensuring you get the most out of every hour you purchase. In the event you don’t utilize all your hours, they offer a refund for those unused, so you never lose out. They boast a diverse array of specializations including data entry, administrative support, real estate services, social media and web development, marketing, internet research, sales support, and provision of live agents.

Getting Started with TaskBullet:

Embarking on your TaskBullet journey is simple. Select your desired service bucket to enjoy a 5% discount right off the bat. Your welcome call will introduce you to the intricacies of TaskBullet’s task management system. From there, it’s smooth sailing—you’re all set to delegate tasks to your virtual assistant and propel your business forward.

TaskBullet’s Bucket System Pricing Options:

TaskBullet’s bucket system is designed to offer you maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Choose from:
– The Starter Bucket at $11 per hour for 20 hours of VA support.
– The Light Bucket at $9 per hour for 60 hours.
– The Expert Bucket is the most economical at $6.50 per hour for a substantial 240 hours of professional assistance.

Trial Experience with TaskBullet:

Dip your toes into the TaskBullet experience without any commitments. Take advantage of a free consultation and have your first 10 hours completed at no cost. This no-obligation trial allows you to gauge the quality of TaskBullet’s services firsthand. (Free Trial)

TaskBullet’s Work System Uniqueness:

TaskBullet introduces a unique ‘bucket system,’ a prepaid model that gives you access to a pool of hours you can utilize for various services. This system is designed to be hassle-free, with no contracts, allowing for complete control and flexibility in how you manage and use your virtual assistant services.

2. Time Etc.

Time Etc stands as a beacon for small businesses seeking affordable and efficient virtual assistance. With an average rate of just $23 per hour, their value proposition is compelling. Their network of virtual assistants spans the entire country, ensuring that regardless of where you are or when you work, you have access to a virtual assistant who syncs perfectly with your time zone — and potentially even your local dialect.

As you invest more hours with Time Etc, the hourly rate becomes increasingly economical. Moreover, the flexibility of their service is highlighted by their rollover feature, where your unused hours remain valid for up to 60 days — a testament to their client-centric approach.

The convenience factor is further amplified by their user-friendly mobile app and a handy Chrome extension, making your interaction with their services seamless. And for those in need of bilingual support, Time Etc offers virtual assistants who can communicate in various foreign languages.

Expertise is at the heart of Time Etc’s offerings, with specialization in critical business areas such as sales, research, social media, marketing, content writing, organization, and administration. Choose Time Etc for a partnership that aligns with your business pace and linguistic preferences, all the while ensuring your administrative and creative needs are expertly managed.

3. Boldly

Boldly emerges as a premium virtual assistant service provider, priding itself on a “100% satisfaction guarantee” that underscores its commitment to excellence. Each team member at Boldly brings a wealth of experience to the table, with over 10 years of expertise as executive assistants. Their virtual assistants are not only thoroughly vetted but also come with a strong educational background, ensuring a high-caliber professional is at your service.

Boldly shines in the realms of project management and marketing, offering specialized support tailored to your unique business needs. With monthly subscriptions starting at around $400 for 10 hours, you gain access to elite assistance that scales with your operations through their larger, more inclusive packages.

Choosing Boldly means sidestepping the complexities of traditional hiring. They streamline the process by managing benefits and payroll for the virtual professional dedicated to your project. In essence, Boldly provides you with top-tier talent on a lease basis, delivering a hassle-free monthly service.

Startups frequently turn to Boldly to jumpstart their growth, finding their comprehensive suite of services—from administrative tasks to creative design and marketing, all the way to call management—an invaluable asset. If you’re steering a startup and striving for a competitive edge, Boldly could be the gateway to broadening your capabilities. They are not just a service; they’re an extension of your team, ready to propel your business to new heights.

4. Belay

Belay stands at the forefront of virtual assistant companies, celebrated for its unparalleled employee quality. Perfect for discerning employers who demand nothing short of excellence, Belay caters to those who won’t settle for anything less than the ideal match for their high standards.

While Belay’s services are positioned at a premium price point, starting around $40 per hour, they offer a compelling suite of VA services that justify the investment. Each Belay team member holds a bachelor’s degree and undergoes rigorous training to ensure professionalism and expertise in every task they undertake.

At Belay, ‘virtual assistant’ is a term too generic; here, they are esteemed executive assistants, embodying the pinnacle of dedication and competence. Onboarding with Belay involves a one-time startup fee of nearly $500, a unique aspect of their service model that reinforces the exclusivity and high caliber of support they provide.

With Belay, clients receive more than just a virtual assistant; they gain an administrative powerhouse, an executive administrator who is a cut above the rest. Their esteemed clientele, including top-tier executives and corporate leaders, is a testament to the elite service that Belay’s assistants are equipped to deliver. When it comes to scaling the heights of administrative efficiency and executive support, Belay is the pinnacle partner for those who seek the very best from virtual assistant companies.


At WERVAS, they’ve mastered the art of delivering top-notch virtual assistant services that cater to task-oriented needs. They are a prime choice for businesses seeking cost-effective administrative solutions. With individual tasks starting at just $1, WERVAS stands out as an affordable option for managing those essential, yet time-consuming tasks.

If your business juggles numerous small administrative tasks, WERVAS is an excellent match. Their flexibility allows you to assign tasks on a one-off basis or opt for hourly packages averaging $8-9 per hour, offering significant value without compromising quality.

WERVAS champions the ideal of work-life balance by taking on the monotonous tasks that often clutter your day. From setting appointments to mailing out birthday cards, their virtual assistants handle the minutiae so you can focus on the big picture. Beyond the administrative realm, WERVAS extends its services to include SEO and web design, ensuring a comprehensive suite of services to bolster your business growth.

6. Uassist.Me

Uassist.ME emerges as an exceptional choice among virtual assistant services, especially for those seeking bilingual support in Spanish. They stand as a gateway to connecting with employees or clients in this widely spoken language, enhancing communication and outreach.

Their prowess extends to social media management, where their expertise can propel your online presence. With a competitive rate averaging around $12 per hour, Uassist.ME assigns a dedicated assistant to cater exclusively to your business needs. This personalized approach ensures that you receive specialized support tailored precisely to the services you seek, from customer service and bookkeeping to email management and beyond.

Uassist.ME distinguishes itself with a unique accomplishments-based system, prioritizing tangible results over the number of hours worked. This model aligns with outcome-focused businesses, aiming to drive efficiency and success through every aspect of their operations. When precision, specialization, and results matter, Uassist.ME stands ready to deliver superior virtual assistant services.

7. MyTasker

MyTasker stands as a prime contender among virtual assistant companies, particularly for those seeking Spanish-language services. If your business requires meticulous translation of documents into Spanish, MyTasker’s expertise ensures that brochures, PDFs, and other materials are professionally handled.

Operating with a keen eye on budget-conscious businesses, MyTasker offers a potent combination of affordability and efficiency. While they may offer a narrower scope of services compared to some, their stellar reviews underscore a track record of reliability and proficiency.

Many businesses choose MyTasker for their ability to work diligently behind the scenes, handling tasks that, while not client-facing, are crucial to the seamless operation of any enterprise. Moreover, the option to select virtual assistants based on specialized skills, even for an additional fee, stands as a beloved feature among their clientele.

Setting MyTasker apart is their operational transparency. With an India-based office under constant video surveillance and individual workspaces for VAs overseen by senior staff, they offer a unique layer of accountability and continuity. This setup provides a safety net, ensuring that services remain uninterrupted, even in unforeseen circumstances.

MyTasker’s offerings span a comprehensive range of tasks, from spreadsheet and PDF creation to eCommerce support, web design, and various administrative functions. Embracing a pay-as-you-go pricing model, MyTasker positions itself as an accessible service, with rates averaging between $14 and $18 per hour, catering to a spectrum of administrative needs with flexibility and precision.

8. Task Molly

Task Molly emerges as a distinguished player in the virtual assistant companies arena, with its prowess in project management shining brightly. They offer a spectrum of services, yet their mastery lies in steering projects to completion with remarkable expertise. Renowned for assembling a cadre of IT consultants, Task Molly’s team boasts specialized training in information technology and project management, positioning them as an invaluable asset to businesses seeking technological guidance.

It’s important to note that excellence comes with a price. Task Molly is positioned at a higher tier, charging around $35 per hour, which, despite being a consideration for budget-conscious businesses, is often lauded as a worthy investment for the value they provide.

Clients of Task Molly experience the benefits of a “virtual office team,” extending beyond project management to encompass comprehensive services. They adeptly handle software system setup and management, email coordination, travel arrangements, recruitment support, bookkeeping, data entry, and fostering vendor relationships. Their consultancy expertise is bolstered by capabilities in appointment setting, digital marketing, sales support, automation, and social media management.

Task Molly sets itself apart with a unique package selection based on anticipated monthly hours. It’s crucial to estimate your needs accurately, as unused hours do not roll over but are refreshed each month, ensuring you maximize the investment in their services. With no contractual obligations, Task Molly offers flexibility, making them an attractive option for companies that prefer a commitment-free approach to virtual assistance.

Commonly asked questions about VAs and their companies:

1. Virtual Assistant Defined: A virtual assistant is a remote professional offering support like email management, scheduling, and social media management to businesses or individuals.

2. Working Mechanism: VAs operate remotely, connecting with clients via digital channels like email, phone, or project management software, ensuring tasks are completed without physical presence.

3. Task Spectrum: Virtual assistants tackle a variety of tasks tailored to their expertise and client needs, from general administrative duties to specialized content and bookkeeping.

4. Human vs. AI Assistants: While AI is undoubtedly shaping the future, the current landscape favors a human touch. A skilled virtual assistant navigates AI software and tools on your behalf, enabling you to concentrate on business growth. Human VAs blend the best of both worlds: the personalization only a human can provide and the efficiency of AI tools, ensuring that your business stays ahead of the curve.

5. VA Companies: These entities connect clients with a pool of qualified virtual assistants, providing a hassle-free way to hire and manage remote support on a flexible hourly or subscription basis.

6. Charging Structure: VA companies typically charge by the hour or via subscription, with rates influenced by the VA’s experience, task complexity, and support level.

Virtual assistants are a boon for modern businesses, offering versatility, cost-effectiveness, and a broad skill set for any administrative, creative, or technical need, freeing up valuable resources and time.