Our Core Values


We see ourselves at the forefront of business processes in a rapidly changing world that’s becoming more digitally driven by the second. We will lead the way by innovating and streamlining all the systems that will shape the future of business.


Everything we do is driven by our desire to create highly effective and incredibly efficient business processes for forward-thinking owners. The ones who can see “the system” for what is truly is—a solution. We achieve this through creative innovation and well-calculated streamlining of business processes, in addition to relentlessly educating, teaching and inspiring our TaskBullet team to deliver an elite level of service. We want our clients to grow and flourish, and we will provide them with the best resources in the industry to make it happen.


We are in this together. Our working relationship with you doesn’t end after you purchase a bucket. We remain involved, invested, and committed to your success by managing your account and your Virtual Assistant. Our competitors may be fine with leaving you hanging in the vast abyss of the internet as you waste valuable time trying to keep tabs on your VAs, but we have higher standards. 

Our Account Managers are in constant contact with our VAs, and our Executive-level staff is in constant contact with our Account Managers. In the event any issues arise, you can simply contact us directly, right here in the U.S., and we will do everything we can to quickly resolve the problem. The VAs who work for us are like family—we’ve even been fortunate enough to have some of them with us since day one. We think the world of them and we know you will, too. 


At the age of 19, our CEO, Danny Nappi, relocated to a remote part of The Philippines. He spent the next two years happily soaking in the culture and learning more about the people. One thing that struck him was that while so many Filipinos had a high level of education and spoke excellent English, there were very few opportunities for them to use their skills.  

Danny recalls one instance where he was being taxied in a putt-putt (a bicycle with a sidecar attached) and was immediately taken aback by how well the young driver spoke English. To his surprised (and sadness) he learned his driver had a college degree in civil engineering but was unable to find any relevant job opportunities in the area. He heard similar stories from most of the Filipinos he met—they had the education, the skills, and the drive, but lacked the opportunity. 

Since his initial stay in the Philippines nearly 20 years ago, Danny has returned to visit several times. With each returning trip, Danny noticed a stronger and stronger economy and a growing shift in the overall quality of life. This was mainly due to the rise of Business Process Outsourcing, which has finally given Filipinos the opportunities they deserve to use their education and improve their lives. 

At TaskBullet, we take immense pride in offering more rewarding jobs to the Filipino people. We are committed to helping our Filipino Virtual Assistants, their families, and their communities by paying an above industry standard wage. We also encourage our employees to grow their skills and advance their TaskBullet careers even further by offering industry certification opportunities at no cost. We educate, teach, and inspire our VA’s to be the best. It’s what they deserve, and frankly, it’s what you deserve. 

Put our team to work for you and see the difference. You might not be able to visit the Philippines like Danny, but you’ll quickly learn to love their people just the same. 

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