The Rise of Virtual Assistants in the Small Business Realm

How To Hire A Remote Employee

How To Hire A Remote Employee

Watch this video to get a better understanding of how to hire and manage your remote employees

Hours good for 3 months

Your remote employees will pull from the hours in your bucket while they perform your tasks

No commitment

No contracts

No Extra fees

No hidden fees

Money back guarantee

60-days to get your money back
Personal assistant software

How To Delegate Tasks To Your Remote Employee

When dealing with Remote Employees you will need a project management software.  We use basecamp it allows you to keep all your tasks and communication in one place, and with the Basecamp mobile app you can stay connected and get work done on the go. Get your free Basecamp project for your remote employees with every bucket purchase.

Delegate tasks to your project manager or directly to your dedicated remote employee

Use basecamp to stay organized and connected to your remote employee

Communicate directly with your remote employee via: phone, text, skype, email, basecamp, and more

What to expect when hiring a Remote Employee

We wish we could tell you the transition from a standard employee to a remote employee will be easy and seamless, but it won't. Even with our years of experience helping companies transition we still see them encounter problems and issues that they never considered before; difficulties that made them want to quit and run back to the comfort of the traditional employee model. With anything new there is a learning curve, and those who pushed through and took the time to learn and adapt elevated their understanding of business which brought them greater success.

Curious What A Remote Employee Will Cost?