Never Forget What They Said With Interview Transcription Services – Updated for 2021

If you haven’t heard, interview transcription services can really help you hire your next superstar employee! How! You might ask? Read on to find out!

Review the Candidate’s Answers Post-Interview

Interviews for professional positions often last at least one hour. For many management or executive-level positions, an interview can last for many hours or even a full day.

It can be difficult to remember how a candidate answered each question from memory or even from your short-hand notes.

By recording the interview (either audio or audio/video) you can go back and review the job candidate’s answers after the interview is over. This can be particularly helpful if you interview two or more candidates on the same day. It can be easy to confuse who said what at the end of the day. Transcribed interviews allow you to accurately assess your candidates.

Compare Candidate Responses

When interviewing for an important position with your company, you are likely to meet with multiple job candidates. During your interviews, you will probably ask a variety of questions to gauge how an employee might react to a specific situation.

Interviews may span over the course of a full day, a week, or multiple weeks. When you transcribe each interview you are better able to compare candidate responses with accuracy.

Compare Candidate Responses from Interviews 1 and 2

When looking for your next team member, you may ask some job candidates to come back for a second or third interview before extending an offer. By transcribing each of the interviews, you will be able to compare responses between each interview.

You will want to be sure answers do not radically shift or that philosophy changes the mid-interview process. Some candidates might shift their answers to what they think you want to hear and then once hired go about things the way they want to.

Being able to review responses over time will help you to pick out any of these discrepancies.

Gather Feedback from the Team on Candidate Responses

Some hiring managers like to include the team in an interview while others prefer to interview candidates one-on-one.

If you prefer a one-on-one setting, you can still get feedback from your team if you had the interview transcribed.

It’s important to remember that as the hiring manager you may or may not be working with the newly hired employee every day, but there are certainly members of your staff who will be working with the new person closely. Their input can not only provide valuable insight into candidate answers but also helps ensure that coworkers will be on the same page.

If you can, you want to avoid bringing someone in who will only irritate your current employees.

Hiring new employees is serious business. Bringing someone new onto the team only to have to replace them soon after can be very costly to your company. It’s important to try to make the best hiring decision possible the first time around.

So, never forget what they said about interview transcription services: use them to hire your next superstar employee!

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