8 Reasons Why Outsourcing To The Philippines Is A Smart Idea

Education And Low Cost Of Living Is Just The Beginning

Companies in the USA outsource work to people from other countries for a myriad of reasons and one of the countries they outsource to the most is the Philippines. There are many advantages to outsourcing and one of the top reasons is to save on labor and operational costs. Another is access to a larger talent pool. With these in mind, companies want to know where best to outsource work to, and we will list 8 reasons why outsourcing to the Philippines is a smart idea.

High Educational Attainment

The literacy rate in the Philippines is 97.5% and there are 680,000 university graduates produced every year.

Proficiency In English

There are 60 million English speakers in the Philippines and almost everyone in the country knows how to speak it; it's one of the two main languages spoken in the country. Filipinos speak English very well and most have a neutral accent which is beneficial for working internationally. The capital of the Philippines, Manila, actually ranks eighth in English proficiency in the world.

Save on Labor and Operational Costs

The cost of living in the Philippines is around 70% lower than in the US or in Australia, which in turn will save labor and operational costs by at least 60% for companies who outsource to workers living there. The Philippines benefits from the outsourcing industry a lot, the remote workers get more opportunities for advancement in their chosen careers as well as get higher salary compared to working locally.


Westernized Culture

The Philippines has been colonized a lot by foreigners which has caused its culture to be a melting pot of other cultures. The current Filipino culture is a hybrid race and most Americans and Australians will find that there is almost no language or cultural barrier.

Filipino Culture of Customer Service

Known as the Hospitality Capital of the World, it goes to follow that the Philippines has a service-driven culture. Filipinos are great listeners and are innate problem solvers, which is very useful to the Western industry which need great customer service professionals.

Technologically Advanced

The Philippines' capital, Manila, has advanced technological infrastructure. Filipinos use similar technology to Western countries which can be seen in their modern corporate facilities, office spaces, and government buildings.

Talented Pool of Workers

Approximately 41 million Filipinos have undergone training for various skills that meet Western standards. Companies can outsource almost anything to remote workers in the Philippines, from entry level work to executive level work.

The Outsourcing Industry is growing more and more as the pandemic continues to drag on. Getting remote workers from the Philippines is advantageous for Western companies than it is disadvantageous. The smartest thing about outsourcing to the Philippines is how you can get more for less, which is very important especially in today's economy.

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