TaskBullet and BRESS – Updated for 2021

TaskBullet and BRESS

Calling all Real Estate Professionals

TaskBullet has teamed up with one of our most impressive clients to create:  BRESS – Business and Real Estate Solutions and Service.

BRESS is not just another virtual assistant company, we have taken the proven processes that took decades to refine and put our top virtual assistants through an extensive training course to perform these processes virtually on behalf of our clients.

We deliver; more leads, close more deals, save more time, and ultimately make real estate investors more money.

We can say with absolute confidence that BRESS is the most effective and efficient real estate virtual assistant-specific service available. 

BRESS has two service offerings:

Real Estate Investors

We have been in beta for the past 6 months and have seen amazing results and we are excited to announce that we are ready to offer our service to the general public.

This service is for those in the real estate industry or those currently investing in real estate, we are not offering to coach at this time. (*spots are limited as we begin the scaling up the process)

Real Estate Agents

For those of you who are realtors, we are currently in beta with our realtor service. We are accepting a limited number of agents to participate and are offering a discounted rate while in beta.

Visit www.bress.co for more information, leave a comment below with questions or call 866-335-0130.