Real Estate Investor Virtual Assistant

With a standard real estate investor virtual assistant, you are the team manager. You will need to direct your investor virtual assistant on what to do, so if you don't know what to do, then they don't know what to do.

With BRESS powered by TaskBullet, you get a highly trained manager who directs your specifically trained Real Estate Investor Virtual Assistant team. To carry out, you're specific real estate investment strategy set by you.

If you are serious about real estate investing, you need to check out our sister company BRESS powered by TaskBullet.

Basic Bucket

Billed at $$ for 20 hours of  virtual assistant services

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Save 20%

Great way to put us to the test.


Growth Bucket

Billed at $$ for 60 hours of virtual assistant services

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Save 15%

Perfect fit for REI professionals ready to start building their business.


Accelerated Bucket

Billed at $$ for 160 hours of virtual assistant services

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Save 30%

If you know what your doing and just need a staff you can count on, look no further


Real Estate Investor Virtual Assistant

Your real estate virtual assistant assistant can:

Give You Daily Updates
Do Outbound Marketing
Operate your Calling system / software
Edit pictures of properties for listing
Do Your Transaction Coordination
Do Data Mining
Find Buyers
Posting properties to social media

Ask any successful real estate investor how to be successful in this business, and they will all say the same thing, MORE OPPORTUNITIES!

Business and Real Estate Service and Solutions (BRESS)

A real estate INVESTOR back office. Created to bring you more opportunities and support you through the offer, buy, and sale of the property.
  • We Pull The Leads

    We will pull the leads of motivated sellers from our lead source or we can use yours.

  • We Datamine

    We datamine those leads for the missing information

  • We Call The Lead

    We call the lead and assess their willingness to sell.

  • YOU Negotiate The Deal

    If they are interested in selling we hand them off to you and you call and negotiate the deal.

  • We Do The Transactional Paperwork

    Once the deal is set we take back over and handle all the transactional paperwork and set up the closing.


During this process, we also put together a list of cash buyers in your area and start marketing the property to them to be sold at wholesale. (If you want to hold the property we won't do this step)

Don't hire an employee.

The Bucket System WORKS better.

As your business (and your responsibilities) grow, you’ll naturally need some extra help with smaller tasks. But just how much help you need can vary by the week, the day, or even the hour. So, ask yourself, are you really ready to commit to hiring an employee? Will you consistently have 40 hours or even 20 hours’ worth of tasks for them to do each week? Remember, you’re on the hook to pay them whether they’re doing tasks—or doing nothing.

Employee Efficiency Rating
Bucket System
Part-Time Employee
Full-Time Employee
Virtual Employee

You need flexibility.

You need the Bucket System.

The BUCKET SYSTEM is one of the biggest reasons why BRESS is the #1 rated Real Estate Investor Virtual Assistant Company. Your Virtual Real Estate Investor Assistant is only “on the clock” when you need them to be. That means far greater efficiency because you’re only paying for the hours when your Virtual Real Estate Investor Assistant is actually working. But the savings don’t stop there. You’re also not paying for employee benefits, not paying for extra office space, not paying for additional office supplies…
Plus, not only are you getting savings, you’re also getting our guarantee. Our promise that the Virtual Real Estate Investor Assistant you work with will always be up to the task. (Or tasks.)
Every Virtual Real Estate Investor Assistant we hire has a university degree and a deep professional background. Bonus—they also come with their own supplies. To further ensure that all your tasks are completed smoothly and on time, you’ll also be assigned a Task Manager. As you can see, we’ve structured TaskBullet in a way that consistently delivers positive experiences for our clients. We expect you’ll love us too, but if not, we even offer a 100% money-back guarantee on your unused hours.
The time has come to get your time back. Hire a Virtual Real Estate Investor Assistant today

The time has come to get your time back. Hire a Virtual Real Estate Investor Assistant today.
Don’t allow your competition to grow faster than you. Let the leading Virtual Real Estate Investor Assistant company give you the extra time you need to focus on the bigger picture and a brighter future.
A Virtual Real Estate Investor Assistant costs less than you think. Check out our upfront pricing.

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