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TaskBullet is the industry leader when it comes to assisting sales teams with better leads.

We’re talking quality leads, warmer ones. Most salespeople agree that they’re in a stronger position to make a sale when their audience has a greater awareness of the company and/or product they are trying to sell. A Virtual Sales Assistant can lay that groundwork down for you ahead of time, allowing the person you’re speaking with to be much more receptive to your pitch.

Your Virtual Sales Assistant all-star can also help keep your leads warmer for longer. Let them handle the time-consuming and often forgotten tasks like logging discovery and follow-up info on new leads into your CRM (customer relationship software). This ensures your leads stay warm and your sales team stays busy. Busy doing what they do best—selling. So, if you’re tired of cold leads, lost leads and losing out on potential revenue, make the savvy move to hire a Virtual Sales Assistant and start closing more sales, more often.

Ways A Virtual Sales Assistant can help your team crush their sales goals—and the competition:

  • Take handwritten notes and log them into your CRM software
  • Assist with sales reports
  • Conduct research on prospective customers
  • Ensure follow-ups are happening at the proper intervals
  • Remind sales team to enter info into the CRM
  • Schedule calls for your sales team
  • Listen in on calls and log notes for your salesperson in your CRM
  • Conduct research on cold and/or warm leads

More time to sell = more sales to close. Set the stage for your sales team to shine by giving them the advantage of working with the best Virtual Sales Assistants in the business.


Your Virtual Sales Assistant can arm your sales reps with valuable info, putting them in a stronger position to assess opportunities.

Give your sales reps an edge

  • 82% of sales reps feel challenged by the amount of data and the time it takes to research prospects.
  • Only 59% of sales reps are viewed as effective qualifiers by their organization.
  • Great sales reps are typically 2.5 times more likely to be good at qualifying.

Flood the Pipeline

Your Virtual Sales Assistant can help keep your sales pipeline loaded with opportunities.


  • 46% of sales reps say their pipeline is accurate.
  • 30% of B2B contacts are outdated within a year.
  • 59% of a rep’s time is spent NOT SELLING.

Leverage LinkedIn Marketing

50% of companies rely on sales reps to find critical information.

Where sales reps find the info

  • 72% LinkedIn groups
  • 65 Their CRM
  • 60% Google
  • 45% Press releases
  • 38% Social Media
  • Data providers

Productivity Pro Tips

Remember: Time lost can never be found again.

Your time has incredible value. Every minute you spend on mundane tasks, is also money you’re wasting on mundane tasks. Invest your time wisely—focus on what’s important. Here are 3 key ways you can boost your productivity: Carry a schedule and record all your thoughts, conversations and activities for a week Spend at least 50% of your time engaged in conversations, thoughts and activities that yield most of your results. Take the first 30 minutes of every day to plan your day

Words of Wisdom

  • Make time for hobbies - Warren Buffet
  • Have a plan - Benjamin Franklin
  • Prioritize what's important - Steve Jobs
  • Don't multi-task - Tim Ferris
  • Get up early - Robert Iger
  • Take time to reflect - Bill Gates
  • Give back - Richard Branson

Don't hire an employee.

The Bucket System WORKS better.

As your business (and your responsibilities) grow, you’ll naturally need some extra help with smaller tasks. But just how much help you need can vary by the week, the day or even the hour. So, ask yourself, are you really ready to commit to hiring an employee? Will you consistently have 40 hours or even 20 hours’ worth of tasks for them to do each week? Remember, you’re on the hook to pay them whether they’re doing tasks—or doing nothing.

Employee Efficiency Rating
Bucket System
Part-Time Employee
Full-Time Employee
Virtual Employee

You need flexibility.

You need the Bucket System.

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The BUCKET SYSTEM is one of the biggest reasons why TaskBullet is the #1 rated Virtual Assistant company. Your remote employee is only “on the clock” when you need them to be. That means far greater efficiency because you’re only paying for the hours when your Virtual Administrative Assistant is actually working. But the savings don’t stop there. You’re also not paying for employee benefits, not paying for extra office space, not paying for additional office supplies…
Plus, not only are you getting savings, you’re also getting our guarantee. Our promise that the Virtual Administrative Assistant you work with will always be up to the task. (Or tasks.)
Every Virtual Administrative Assistant we hire has a university degree and a deep professional background. Bonus—they also come with their own supplies. To further ensure that all your tasks are completed smoothly and on time, you’ll also be assigned a Task Manager. As you can see, we’ve structured TaskBullet in a way that consistently delivers positive experiences for our clients. We expect you’ll love us too, but if not, we even offer a 100% money-back guarantee on your unused hours.
The time has come to get your time back. Hire a Virtual Administrative Assistant today.

The time has come to get your time back. Hire a Virtual Sales Assistant today.
Don’t allow your competition to grow faster than you. Let the leading Virtual Assistant company give you the extra time you need to focus on the bigger picture and a brighter future.
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