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30 Virtual Assistant Services Your VA Could Be Doing

1. Marketing - keyword research / google adwords / squeeze pages / landing pages more on marketing
2. Website - basic design / content & product management / layout / Wordpress / Wix more on web development
3. Data entry - more on data entry
4. Email management - creating folders / filters / auto responders / detox
5. MailChimp - setup / email campaigns / scheduling / list management
6. Internet research / data mining more on internet research
7. CRM management - from creation to updating - Data entry more on data entry
8. Basic bookkeeping / Accounting
9. Sales - inbound / outbound / assistance more on sale assistant
10. Typing up notes
11. Minute taking during meetings
12. Video editing - basic editing / uploading
13. Social media - set up / maintenance / content / scheduling posts / creating groups
14. Social media marketing - Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Linked-in more on social media marketing
15. Screencast videos of processes / systems
16. Forum engagement - commenting / monitoring
17. Craigslist ads
18. Photoshop - basic layout / design / image resizing / adding logo or watermark
19. Transcription
20. Phone work - inbound / outbound more on live agent
21. Event coordination - finding venue / attendee management
22. Invoicing - sending / follow up / outstanding
23. Calendar management - scheduling / meeting reminders
24. Powerpoint presentation -  research / layout
25. Travel - accommodation arrangements / research / trip planning / booking flights
26. Lifestyle management - buying gifts / sending flowers / restaurant reservation
27. Customer follow up / retention
28. Newsletter - layout / research / scheduling
29. Team / Project management
30. Graphic design - basic layout of infographics / logos / banners / fliers / ads

This is not a comprehensive list, the limit to what a VA can do for you is only your imagination and drive to find ways to make your processes more efficient. Having a virtual assistant will save you time and money so you can focus on growing your business. Visit and let’s get you started.  

Curious What a Virtual Assistant Will Cost?

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BUCKET SYSTEM vs. Employee

Sure, you could hire an ordinary employee to help grow your business, but do you really have enough small tasks to fill up 40 hours per week or even 20 hours per week every single week? If not, that employee will be spending downtime on your dime.

TaskBullet has eliminated this problem with what we call the BUCKET SYSTEM. Your remote employee will clock in when you need them and clock out when you don't. (Learn how it works here) With a remote personal assistant, you pay for the hours you need and nothing more. You'll save money on not having to provide employee benefits, office space, office supplies (computer, desk, coffee, etc.); oh, and did I mention downtime?

Your remote personal assistant will come with his or her own supplies, a strong education (TaskBullet virtual assistants have university degrees), and deep professional background. When you hire a virtual sales assistant from TaskBullet, you are also assigned a project manager to ensure that everything runs smoothly. What are you waiting for? Hire a remote personal assistant today and get your time back!

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Save Money, Save Time And Keep Your Focus On Growing Your Business. When Your Not Focused On Growing Your Business, Someone Else Is Growing Faster Than You.