5 Key Benefits of Hiring Managed Virtual Assistant Services

Is your business facing various operational challenges such as higher service demands, the pressure of cost control, and trying to establish your business’ USP to beat your competitors? If yes, then you may consider hiring managed virtual assistant services to run your business seamlessly and more efficiently.

The VA industry is one of the fastest-growing in the world. The market size of the global virtual assistant is likely to reach $45.1 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 34.0 percent.

Managed virtual assistant services, is one of the specialized outsourced services that provide excellent options  to businesses to carry out various operational activities.

It is a strategic way for businesses to improve operations and cut down on expenses by outsourcing specific tasks.

Reputable managed service providers align qualified and trained VAs to do all kinds of financial services, technical, healthcare, HR, IT, legal, and administrative work.

There are many benefits of hiring managed virtual assistant services, and we have listed the most crucial ones in this post.

Here are the major benefits:

1.    Diverse Services and Higher Productivity

Managed virtual assistant services will increase your business’ productivity by focusing on core tasks.

The primary objective of virtual assistants through a managed service is to get your business activities done efficiently. Generally, a managed service provider align a project manager for seamless communication.

Managed virtual assistant services do a wide range of business activities. Some of them are:

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Content Writing
  • Social Media Management
  • Lead Generation
  • Real Estate Work
  • Data Entry
  • Call Answering
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Event Planning
  • Internet Research
  • Correspondence Management
  • Creating Presentations/Spreadsheets
  • Making travel, airline, and hotel reservations.

A professional VA service provider is more professional and client satisfaction is their top priority. If a service provider shows signs of slacking, it is quite unlikely that another company will hire them for future work based on the existing feedback. So, there is no room for letting up when it comes to service quality.

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2.    Reduced Labor Costs

Hiring managed virtual assistant services is more cost-effective than hiring full-time employees because besides compensation, you will have to provide the benefits below, which will increase operational costs significantly:

  • Sick leaves
  • Taxes
  • Medical/dental benefits
  • Holiday leave
  • Worker’s compensation

On contrary, if you hire managed VA services, you need to pay the contracted price only. Besides, there will not be any hidden fees.

3.    More Flexibility

If you hire managed or outsourced VA services, they will work according to your schedule and can provide a lot of flexibility.

Even if you are in a different time zone, VAs can easily adjust with that too. The service provider can even create a customized schedule for the VAs to maximize output while keeping the cost in check.

Most importantly, in case you are dissatisfied with the performance of your managed VA service provider, you can end the contract any time. However, doing the same with full-time employees will not be easy.

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4.    Your Business Will Get High-Level of Skills

Whether you are running a small or a large business, many of your full-time employees may not have the right skill that your business requires. A managed VA service provider can get you virtual assistants, with the exact skill sets that your business requires.

Some examples are below:

  • If you need to develop a professional website, but you do not have a web developer in your company.
  • You need someone to create logos/designs and post blogs on your website every week, but you do not have a graphic designer or a writer.
  • Your marketing collaterals need translating into a different language, but none of your employees is bilingual.

Regardless of the job type, a managed service provider can find you qualified virtual assistants, with the required skill sets to complete a wide range of tasks.

5.    Better Work Quality

When running a business, you will likely have many small tasks, which may take up a lot of your top executives’ time. A managed service provider can align VAs to complete those tasks with high quality. On top of it, you can focus on core business areas to grow your organization.

Besides, you can also save the cost, time, and hassle of re-training your employees. Instead of wasting your resources, hiring a professional VA service provider can get you people with all those skills.

Instead of onboarding new full-time employees, hiring a managed VA service provider on a contract will help you streamline your daily work volume without breaking your bank. If your business grows further and you need more help, the service provider will get you through the transition phase.

When you work with virtual assistants from a managed service provider, you will see many benefits starting from improved operational efficiency to reduced human resources/operational costs.

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