Benefits of Living in an RV for Entrepreneurs

Benefits of Living in an RV for Entrepreneurs – Updated for 2021

If you have your own business and frequently travel for work, it may be in your best interest to have a mobile address, as opposed to a fix one. Travelling opens up opportunities for business and pleasure and allows people to live life on their terms. In our digital world, the services of a virtual assistant offers help getting your work done, from anywhere. With that in mind, being able to work from anywhere is only one in a long list of the benefits of living in an RV for entrepreneurs.

You Can Save Money on Airfare

Traveling can be expensive. Constantly flying is pricey, and at times you may feel like you live in an airport. Instead of frequently travel hopping on a plane and hoping your luggage makes it to your destination with you, you can drive your RV to your next business meeting.

There won’t be any security checks or risks of your suitcase ending up in a different city.

Save Money on Hotel Rooms

Aside from airfare, hotels are an added expense that you don’t need. Instead of staying in a $200 a night hotel, you can park your RV in a campground for the night. Many campgrounds only charge $50 a night, give or take and there are free camping options almost everywhere.

All of your clothes travel with you, and you have a bed, bathroom, and kitchen right in your RV. What more do you need? If the campground has a pool or fitness center, you can get in a little exercise in between meetings, while you are there.

Reduce Stress

Traveling can be stressful, especially when running a business. Many entrepreneurs find it difficult to plan a holiday or take time off, which makes sense because as a business owner there is always something to stress over. Living in an RV, although it may seem uncommon, actually opens the door to other stress reducing business practices. Having everything you need on hand for work and play makes life easier and allows for healthier eating, as well.

An RV for Work Can Be a Tax Write-off

If you use your RV exclusively for traveling to business, you can write it off on your taxes. Mileage, registration, and insurance may all be deductible. Fees for tolls and campground stays may also be deductible. There are lots of different types of product and service businesses that are run out of RVs. Talk to your accountant about what else may be used as a tax deduction.

You Can See the Country

Traveling via RV is a fantastic way to see the country. When you are flying, you only see snapshots of locations, but when you are traveling on the road, you can stop and sightsee, as time permits. You also have the freedom to travel wherever and whenever you want.

You Can Travel with a Companion at No Extra Cost

If you would like to have a companion travel with you, or even a business partner, expenses can double quickly. However, if you travel by RV, the costs are much less. You don’t need a second airline ticket, room, or pricey meals for two.

Instead, you can both travel in your RV to business meetings and enjoy downtime with a friend or special someone.

You Don’t Need to Own a Home

If you plan well, you can travel the country 365 days a year. There is no need to own a home if you want to work year-round on the road. If you have downtime, you can spend an extended amount of time in one location and enjoy the area.

Here you can also plan your next route and set up your next round of business meetings.

The cost of paying a mortgage on a house that you are rarely at, or rent at an apartment, will be gone and you can start saving your hard-earned money rather than have if going towards a house you rarely get to see.

Can I Afford an RV?

If purchasing an RV is not in your budget at the moment, and you can stack business meetings into your calendar, you may find that renting an RV is still a better option than traveling by air.

Renting an RV is an affordable option for those who want or need to travel to multiple destinations in a short, or long, period of time.

The benefits of using an RV are the same, whether you rent or own and often people begin their journey in a rental only to realize they love the freedom this lifestyle provides. Renting also allows people to try out different styles to see what fits their needs best.

However you choose to do it, whether it is finishing a quick project during a weekend away or taking your mobile RV office to remote photo shoots, the choice is yours. So many professionals are preferring to take their laptop with them so they can find that perfect work/life balance.