Virtual Personal Assistant Services – Updated for 2021

Virtual Personal Assistant Services

Ever wonder what a Virtual Personal Assistant can do for your business?

Is it worth it? What would they do for your business or for you?

Luckily you’ve stumbled upon Task Bullet, your experts in Virtual Personal Assistants!

Whether you’re looking for customer service representatives, Virtual Personal Assistants, or even sales support, there are a number of companies built to help solve those needs.

Hiring Virtual Personal Assistants versus an in-house PA certainly has its benefits.

We wanted to give you a brief overview of exactly what hiring a TaskBullet Virtual Personal Assistant could do for your business and what day to day tasks they can handle for you! Let’s jump right in:

What Is a Virtual Personal Assistant?

While the responsibilities of a Virtual Personal Assistant are very similar to that of a receptionist, or administrative assistant, there are slight differences.

A receptionist or administrative assistant typically manages administrative tasks and customer support for a company or team as a whole.

Virtual Personal Assistants typically provide admin support for a specific single individual, most commonly a person of power, such as a manager, CEO, celebrity, executive, government official, and so on.

The responsibilities of a PA typically include:

  • Acting as the first point of contact before contact with the individual- emails, phone calls, etc..
  • Managing the calendar, organizing itineraries, meetings, events, conferences, appointments for the individual
  • Arranging travel, booking transport and accommodations
  • Acting as a reminder for the individual of important tasks and deadlines
  • Taking notes, compiling and preparing reports or presentations
  • managing databases and filing systems
  • Miscellaneous tasks to support their manager, which will vary according to the individual

Here is why you should consider opting for a Virtual Personal Assistant:

Virtual Personal Assistants are More Cost-Effective

Hiring an in-house Personal Assistant can be quite pricey.

In some organizations, a Personal Assistant role is an entry-level job; in others, it requires a great deal of experience and is paid accordingly.

In general, Personal Assistants wages are high, and therefore, expensive to pay! A PA’s wage in the US typically begins at about $100,000 yearly salary…


Do you want to pay that wage to someone when you could simply buy a Bucket of hours from TaskBullet for Virtual Personal Assistants?

Not to mention the cost of office space and everything that includes, the cost of professional benefits like Health Insurance and Dental Plans, bonuses and raises, as well as paying for office supplies, etc.

Boy does that add up…

Choosing this route will mean that you get to work from home, while your VA works from their home. Avoid all of the extra rubbish that comes with having an office by simply hiring Virtual Personal Assistants.

Not only do you save money on all the extra costs of having an office, but you also save money on what you would pay in salary, benefits, and bonuses!

One of the greatest benefits of hiring Virtual Personal Assistants through TaskBullet is that you only pay them for the Bucket plan you choose rather than a set salary pay!

Many companies and business owners are now looking into freelancers and Virtual Personal Assistants instead! They truly are the way to go.

You simply purchase your bucket of hours and we’ll handle the rest.

Around The Clock Service

What’s more amazing than saving money? Making more money.

And this can be done by having Virtual Personal Assistants.

More often than not, having your PA available at all hours, for you and for your business calls is vital.

PA’s have a wide range of responsibilities and often need to be available whenever you need them, to take calls, organize meetings, arranging your travel, managing your calendar, whatever it might be!

Hiring Virtual Personal Assistants ensures that you will never have to worry whether or not someone’s going to be there to answer those calls or to handle any task you need to assign to them.

There is nothing worse than losing a potential new deal or important call, due to a missed call.

Your Virtual Personal Assistants provide 24/7/365 service, manning your business phones and emails at all times, available to you whenever you need them.

How is this possible?

Because while you will have a primary Virtual Personal Assistant that you will work with day in and day out, you will also have an entire team of TaskBullet Virtual Personal Assistants around the clock.

With no breaks, leaves, or any other forms of time off, Virtual Personal Assistants can provide you with continuous service and availability.

Professional Experience

In-house Personal Assistants may or may not come with a background of professional experience and adequate skills. It can be a hit or miss.

Unlike in-house PAs whose experience and professionalism varies, you can rest assured that your Virtual Personal Assistants come from a wide array of professional backgrounds and skills.

And with professional experience and backgrounds also comes lots of saved money on training in in-house PA.

You now get to save all that money that you would have spent training an in-house PA for several weeks– our TaskBullet Virtual Personal Assistants will not need training.

But rather, you simply give them an overview and describe your business and goals all in one quick and easy call, and they are ready to go.


Then there is always the risk of an in-house Personal Assistant resigning at any possible moment.

This also plays a part in the experience as well– an in-house PA who does not have a professional background will more likely resign quicker than an experienced in-house PA.

But even then, the harsh reality is that most people don’t stay in assistant jobs long, which is just another reason why choosing Virtual Personal Assistants are so great!

This will save you time, money, and stress! You will no longer have to spend time and stress going through the interview process, hiring someone, and then providing paid training for the assistant.

With TaskBullet Virtual Personal Assistants, turn-over is never something you, as the business owner, ever have to worry about.

You can rely on TaskBullet VA’s, knowing that your phone support and other designated tasks will always be taken care at all times, without the worry of turn-over.

Choose a TaskBullet Virtual Personal Assistant

We don’t know about you, but to us, this sounds like a dream. To have your Personal Assistant available to handle anything 24/7 at all times, with professionalism? And never actually having to spend the time and money babysitting the PA or worrying about training and turn-over.

Think about that for a second. How much of your time do you spend per day either handling the organizing and scheduling yourself or babysitting the employee who does? How much time have you spent hiring and training?

Can you imagine never having to do that again?

All you would need to do now is focus on your business. The way it’s supposed to be!

So give TaskBullet a callschedule a free consultation, or check out our Plans and Pricing to get started today with TaskBullet Virtual Personal Assistants. You won’t regret it.