How Can a Virtual Assistant Reduce Your Stress? – Updated for 2021

How Can a Virtual Assistant Reduce Your Stress?

Today’s business world is fast-paced, cutthroat, and just straight-up savage! It’s dangerous out there my friends.

You have to fight to be the best in your particular industry, and continue fighting in order to stay on top right?

This alone, is enough to exhaust and overload any single small business owner. You know how hard it is out there don’t you?!

It’s a dog eat dog world!

With competition, comes plenty of stress. And what accompanies stress?

Well to keep it light and breezy, stress causes your beautiful lush locks to turn gray, or fall out. Turns that rock hard 6 pack into a bakers dozen of jelly filled donuts.

No one wants this.

We know you’re sick of being stressed. So why haven’t you looked into reducing your own stress that comes from owning and managing a small business?

Instead of you, the business owner, spending all your time on customer service, marketing, social media presence, and all that other stuff- you can just have your virtual assistant do it for you!

Yes that could potentially take 70% of the stress off your plate and right out of your life! You can finally stop replying to customer emails and posting on Instagram when you don’t even know how to use it!

Oh happy day!

Here are a few tasks that a skilled Task Bullet Virtual Assistant can handle to reduce your stress!

Organizational Tasks

A Virtual assistants can handle the tasks like that of a regular assistant!

This might mean scheduling meetings with your staff or business partners, organizing your calendar, or making daily to do lists or appointments to keep you on track.

Virtual assistants can focus on the smaller, daily organizational tasks so that you can get back to work.

You ARE the boss- why not have a personal assistant to handle all the nitty-gritty for you while you handle the business!

Waking up every day to a full, organized schedule that you didn’t have to establish or coordinate, is one of the most satisfying things in the world. Why not utilize every moment of the day to accomplish as much as you possibly can?

Coordinating Personal Tasks

Another huge perk of having a Virtual Assistant is that they can be on the clock even outside of work hours- which means help with planning your travel, personal appointments, errands, etc.

They can maintain daily tasks of your personal life like scheduling appointments with your doctor, sending gifts on your behalf, answering phone calls or emails- shoot they could even order your lunch or arrange a car to pick you up!

Don’t even both to stress about sending a last minute Birthday card to your client, or make sure your personal calendar is up to date. We both know that personal and work life, as a business owner, often overlap each other!

Planning Your Travel

Most business leaders need to travel, and they need to travel a lot.

Traveling for meetings with potential clients, partners, other business owners, etc., are some of the core parts of owning a business.

But arranging travel plans is never an easy feat. Booking flights, reserving cars, arranging pickup, and booking hotels can take up loads of time from your day, especially if you’re a frequent flyer.

A Virtual Assistant can cover all of these tasks for you.

Just stroll into the airport with a suitcase in hand, neck pillow already in place, and rest assured that everything has been taken care of just the way you like it!

Handling Finances

Yes, you heard right. A Virtual Assistant CAN help you handle simple finances!

Notice we said simple.

With that being said, many people often think that virtual assistants can help with taxes.

However, this is not true. Sure, they can help manage taxes and organize financial things of that area, virtual assistants are not usually licensed CPA’s so keep that in mind when assigning tasks.

BUT, they can maintain and manage budgets, make purchases,  and keep tracks of expenses so tax season is as easy as 123 when it rolls around!

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, they could even help manage your personal finances in alignment with organizing your calendar. Paying your bills on time so you don’t have to think twice, make purchases for you, buy your wife an anniversary gift if you forget.

Boy does that sound nice…

Playing Receptionist

In addition to your VA relieving some of your stress of organization, travel, finances, and some personal matters, you can have your Virtual Assistant play receptionist!

This could mean whatever you want it to mean. Answering calls, emails, scheduling meetings for not only you, but also your partners and staff, or even managing staff and payroll.

The limit is your imagination.

A virtual assistant can take those day-to-day tasks off your plate!

These receptionist tasks that must be completed in order to keep a business operating, can certainly be taken on by your virtual assistant, not you or your team.

Hire a Task Bullet Virtual Assistant

Through and through, hiring a Virtual Assistant is priceless to a business, startup, or brand.

They can handle mundane tasks that are necessary for the business to remain a well-oiled machine, while you focus on making your business more productive.

It’s time to subdue your stress, grow your business further in this dog eat dog world, and come out on top! Hire a Task Bullet Virtual Assistant today by clicking HERE.