Reduce Business Expenses


Reduce Business Expenses

According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months. Most business experts will tell you the reason these businesses fail is because they ran out of money and can’t pay their bills. These experts will also tell you the two most important things you need to be among the 20% who make it is: have a solid business plan and reduced business expenses.

Having a solid business plan is probably the most important aspect of your business. Your profitability model, your vision, your unique value proposition, and so on, but creating these and finding where you fit in the market can take time, and with time comes money. Companies fail because they run out of money before they have enough time to figure out their business and where they fit in the market.

With a virtual assistant you can stay in the game longer, by reducing your business expenses. You can outsource important business processes to a virtual assistant rather than hire an employee. With an employee you need an office, a computer, a desk, a chair, a coffee machine, employee taxes, and so on. But with a virtual assistant all you need in an internet connection. A virtual assistant works from their home, using their own computer and pays for their own internet. A virtual assistant with TaskBulletUSA only works when you need them to and not when you don’t. This level of efficiency can keep your overhead low and you in the game.

Not only does having a virtual assistant help with reducing your business expenses, but it also keeps you focused on building and growing the business and not on the mundane tasks of running it. By outsourcing the time consuming tasks of running a business you can focus on the more important aspects that your company needs to be successful.

Reducing your business expenses by hiring a virtual assistant can be the difference between being the 80% who fail in the first 18 months and the 20% who make it. When cash is king, a virtual assistant from TaskBulletUSA makes all the “cents” in the world.    

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BUCKET SYSTEM vs. Employee

Sure, you could hire an ordinary employee to help grow your business, but do you really have enough small tasks to fill up 40 hours per week or even 20 hours per week every single week? If not, that employee will be spending downtime on your dime.

TaskBullet has eliminated this problem with what we call the BUCKET SYSTEM. Your remote employee will clock in when you need them and clock out when you don't. (Learn how it works here) With a remote personal assistant, you pay for the hours you need and nothing more. You'll save money on not having to provide employee benefits, office space, office supplies (computer, desk, coffee, etc.); oh, and did I mention downtime?

Your remote personal assistant will come with his or her own supplies, a strong education (TaskBullet virtual assistants have university degrees), and deep professional background. When you hire a virtual sales assistant from TaskBullet, you are also assigned a project manager to ensure that everything runs smoothly. What are you waiting for? Hire a remote personal assistant today and get your time back!

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Save Money, Save Time And Keep Your Focus On Growing Your Business. When Your Not Focused On Growing Your Business, Someone Else Is Growing Faster Than You.

Reduce Business Expenses
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