Task Bullet Virtual Assistants

A virtual assistant is in charge of daily tasks that a company carries out, in turn, it becomes a personal secretary which serves as a great help to companies and bosses to free them from daily tasks.

They perform diverse tasks which release the daily work from your shoulders and drives the company.

A TaskBullet virtual assistant’s work can be carried out from anywhere, remotely, usually from their home or office. Your services can be hired by the hour.

The virtual assistant is responsible for increasing the productivity of the company, optimizing, organizing and managing your time, direct communication from the mail, WhatsApp, Skype, phone or online tools and reduce costs.

The advantage of these virtual assistants is that they can stay all day in front of the computer to answer and perform the tasks assigned to them!

What is the role of a virtual assistant?

Whether in your daily tasks, your repetitive tasks, in your marketing or sales actions, in the management of your administrative tasks, a TaskBullet virtual assistant will save you a lot of time.

A virtual assistant will help you become more efficient and grow your business exponentially.

You will be able to delegate all these tasks to save time to focus on the most important tasks for you, i.e. the most direct income generators. Imagine depriving yourself of this opportunity!

TaskBullet Virtual assistants will also help you find a personal life, helping you find the moments of freedom that you have lost by managing your business 6 days out of 7.

The tasks that virtual assistants can do are never-ending, starting with all the little things you do every day to keep control of your business, while it is often your business that controls your life.

Examples of tasks that TaskBullet virtual assistant’s can do:

  • Administrative work (making appointments, organizing documents …)
  • Transcriptions (interviews, videos, podcasts …)
  • Layout and publications on WordPress (and YouTube, Vimeo, Libsyn …)
  • Preparing your presentations
  • Creation of documents (visuals, templates …)
  • Community management (management of your social networks, editorial planning …)
  • E-mailing (setting up your auto-responders …)
  • Development and code if it is a virtual assistant specialized in technical
  • Marketing and sales techniques if it is a marketing assistant, Etc.

At TaskBullet we are passionate about what we do and believe that it is possible through innovative solutions to simplify people’s lives. In this way, they can enjoy more free time for their loved ones, for their business or for themselves.

Our Mission:

Provide a comprehensive, executive service through a high degree of responsibility, efficiency, confidentiality and great seriousness in our commitment, improving the quality of life and helping them in all their tasks.

Our Vision:

To be a company that acts as the solution, both executive and human, in the daily tasks, accompanying the development and growth of individuals and their projects through visually assisting them.

The Benefits of Choosing TaskBullet

A benefit of choosing TaskBullet Virtual Assistant Servies is in what you can save yourself. Savings in sudden time, money, resignations, absences, licenses, vacations, and so much more!

No Secretary Needed

You will save money in benefits, bonuses, and other components when having a secretary in the office. A Virtual Assistant doesn’t need these things!

Simply choose your bucket of hours and delegate any task of your choice to your Virtual Assistant! Never worry about your assistant taking time off or insisting on a bonus!

Savings in Physical Space

You will save loads of money when you don’t need a physical office space to hold your staff, supplies, equipment, etc.. You simply work from home, while your VA’s work from their homes.

Confidentiality and Ethics

Our values are based on providing confidentiality and ethics in our daily work. Our Virtual Assistants are well versed in this and you can trust that the tasks for your business are being handled with confidentiality and respect!

24/7 365

TaskBullet Virtual Assistants provide you with 24/7 service with personalized attention 365 days a year. You can rest easy knowing your tasks- whether that’s the phones, emails, or secretarial work, are being taken care of at all times.

More Time

You will have more time to be able to reconcile your personal and professional life! Take a random day off to go golfing or take the family on a vacation, knowing your business is in great hands.

Service and Technology

We are in permanent training to provide the best service, day-to-day, with the latest technology.

We have a wide portfolio of clients throughout our history who trust us. We also have different alliances that allow us to provide a greater quantity and quality of services worldwide.

Discover Everything That Task Bullet Can Do For Your Business

We want to be your effective support in the handling and fulfillment of all your accounting and administrative obligations. In an ever-changing environment, we strive to meet the specific needs of our clients, in planning for the future and achieving their particular objectives.

At TaskBullet we support our clients in their accounting, administrative, and a wide variety of other tasks for your business– it is our reason to exist!

E-mail and Calendar Management

Administration of e-mail in sites and platforms that you use. Administration, management, and confirmation of events, order management, shifts, appointments, database. Budget follow-ups

Customer Support

Call attention in an agile, friendly and professional manner (issuance, reception and transfer to the number indicated).

Immediate reports via WhatsApp, mail or SMS. Customer service, patient, to provide information about your products or services, taking turns, messages, meetings.

Support customer service through social networks, market place platforms, and own software.

Drafting of Documents and Presentations

We manage and create all kinds of professional documents. We create business and personal presentations with innovative designs incorporating ICT tools and Design Thinking methodology.

Banking & Accounting

AFIP procedures, bank procedures, reconciliation of accounts, cards, and payments. We can manage the accounting and banking area of your business.

Data Analyst or Data Entry

Analyze Data and transcribe Excel documents or other programs and formats. We can also call and organize warm or cold leads.

What’s Next?

Use our initial contact form to inform us what services you are interested in hiring from our Virtual Assistance team.

Tell us as much as possible about your business, needs and your budget. We will review this information carefully and contact you as soon as possible. We respond to any message as an emergency.

You can choose a video conference if you like a live conversation or receive an email with answers to your questions.

We want to know about you, your business, and your goals! Take as much time as you need to decide if we are the right fit for you.

During this consultation you can expect: 

  1. Significant time dedicated to understanding your business, challenge, and goals.
  2. A clear and general vision of how Online Assistant will work with you in your business.
  3. The services that best suit your business.
  4. A conversation about rates and billing.
  5. Answers online to your queries by the means you need.
  6. A comprehensive plan to implement the next steps.

So give TaskBullet a callschedule a free consultation, or check out our Plans and Pricing to get started today with TaskBullet Virtual Assistants. You won’t regret it.