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Top 10 ways marijuana business utilized their virtual assistant in 2022

General Admin 18.82%
Data Entry 11.96%
Social Media Management 8.75%
Accounting 7.38%
Chat/Email Support 6.08%
Data Entry 5.34%
Research 3.79%
E-commerce 2.9%
Inbound/Outbound Calls 2.2%
Graphics 2.16%

If you are currently doing any of these types of tasks for your Cannabis business. You will not keep up with your competition. Every minute spent on mundane tasks that you can offload is time your competition is gaining on you.


Shocking Cannabis Stats to motivate anyone trying to make a mark in the Cannabis industry.

As of 2020, there are 243,700 legal, full-time cannabis industry jobs.

In 2019, a reported sum of $370.2 million was spent on internet display advertising. According to these cannabis advertising statistics, that’s a whopping amount of money spent on advertising over the internet.

The cannabis market in the state of California amounted to $5.6 billion. Taking into account these statistics on recreational marijuana sales by state, we can see that California recorded the highest earnings.

67% of Americans believe marijuana should be made legal. Two-thirds of Americans publically state they think marijuana should be legalized. This is a huge increase in the number of people who offer cannabis legalization support, as the figure stood at a measly 12% in 1969. (Pew Research)

Legal marijuana sales are projected to reach $22 billion by 2022. The increase in legal sales will make the economic impact of marijuana legalization tenfold.

The cannabis market is estimated to be worth $73.6 billion by 2027. The global legal cannabis market is projected to be worth a whopping $73.6 billion within the next seven years.

33 states have approved marijuana for medical uses. Marijuana is still illegal by federal law. However, medical marijuana legalization statistics show that 33 states have approved its use for medicinal purposes. Oklahoma is the latest and one of the most conservative states to legalize its use. (ABC News)

11 states have made marijuana legal for people over the age of 21. As of January 1, 2020, the sale of marijuana is now legal in 11 states, with Illinois currently the latest state to pass appropriate legislation. The other ten states where marijuana is legal are Michigan, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California, Colorado, and Alaska. (Business Insider)

The cannabis industry's worth was estimated to be around $14.9 billion in 2019. In 2019, sales grew by an astonishing 45.7% compared to the year before. And if estimates are correct, we can see further incredible growth of 38.8% in 2020. (BDS Analytics)

Cannabis sales are expected to top medical sales within the next two years. According to the latest medical marijuana industry statistics, cannabis is expected to overtake medicine in terms of sales.

As of 2020, there are 243,700 legal and full-time cannabis industry jobs. The expanding industry has created over 33,700 additional jobs across the nation. According to these cannabis industry employment statistics, that’s a 15% increase from 2019. (Leafly)

The marijuana industry's worth is expected to reach $82.9 billion by 2025. With a revenue share of 62.9%, the marijuana industry isn’t going to stop increasing its value anytime soon.

The United States marijuana market is estimated to be worth approximately $52 billion. If you’re wondering exactly how much is the marijuana industry worth, the answer will depend on the market.

87% of total sales revenue came from the black market. The same medical marijuana revenue statistics indicate that only $6.2 billion came from legal sales.

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Many of the tasks you do daily are things that someone else can do virtually for you. If you are doing the same things day to day on a computer, chances are you can delegate those tasks to someone virtually.

It may be as simple as creating a screencast video of what you’re doing and giving it to your Virtual Assistant.

Customer Service

Focus your time on sales, marketing, systems, efficiency, and the like, and let your marijuana industry virtual assistant provide excellent customer service.

Admin Support

Allow your cannabis virtual assistant to handle the day-to-day repetitive tasks and admin duties of your business while you focus on growing your business, spending time with family, or traveling the world!

Real Estate

Your cannabis Virtual Assistant can now manage your calendar, ensure all listings stay up to date, set up meetings, and screen potential customer/listings.

Data Entry

Let your marijuana Virtual Assistant handle the simple, yet necessary tasks of updating medical records, or entering information on sales leads. They may even log billing info for customers or create new user profiles.

Check out some example tasks that you can assign to your cannabis virtual assistant.

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