What Does a Virtual Assistant Do?

Well, besides save you loads of time, money, and overall stress?

Great question.

It is now 2019. The age of technology and advancement! Of money, business, travel, success, blah blah blah.

This is a time in which technology, social media, phones, computers, and internet have practically overcome our world! So why not keep up with the times?

Everyone else is dabbling in the tech world. Dipping their hands in social media marketing, video marketing, virtual reality video games, virtual assistants…

So really, who needs to hire an assistant, or a marketing representative for their company anymore, who comes into the office daily for $20 an hour, when we have virtual assistants for more than half that hourly wage!

Say what?

See what we mean by saving time, money, and stress?

Before we dive into what a virtual assistant can do for you, let’s start by addressing what a virtual assistant IS exactly.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Well, in layman’s terms, a virtual assistant is in fact, exactly what it sounds like. An assistant, who provides assistance, virtually.

Slow down there Will Smith, a virtual assistant in not automated robotic-being like it might sound.

This is not the robot apocalypse… not yet anyways…

A virtual assistant simply means a human assistant, who is often overseas, that you keep in contact with via technology and the internet. Hoo-rah!

Not only would you communicate with your VA, via technology, but this virtual assistant also provides assistance at a great price! And after you take a wee bit of time to teach this assistant how to complete your mundane tasks, they can then do it for you all the time, for a great price, and with excellent quality.

So what are some of these “mundane tasks” that a virtual assistant can handle for you?

What Does a Virtual Assistant Do?

To answer the exact question you came to this article for- what does a virtual assistant do? What are some of the tasks a virtual assistant can take off your plate?

Well, just about anything. Business related of course…

Of course, there are some limitations. That means, no Jerry, your VA is not assisting you in any business items that may be illegal… but nice try.

And as you know, your VA is in the Philippines, so that means they won’t be dropping off your dry cleaning either.

BUT your virtual assistant can in fact help you with a wide variety of other tasks.

Now obviously, upon hiring a virtual assistant, they are going to do what you assign them to do.

This could mean taking sales calls, providing customer service, assisting in your company marketing, managing clients, creating content for your website and social media, etc etc..

Essentially, there is a virtual assistant available for whatever type of task you need taken care of, virtually! The virtual assistant sea is full of opportunity!

How Does The Task Bullet Bucket System Work?

Well the Task Bullet virtual assistant process is quite simple, and much better than other virtual assistant service processes, if we do say so ourselves.

The Task Bullet process consists of the Bucket System. This means purchasing a “bucket” of hours that your Virtual Assistant will work. And that bucket of hours can be used on any task you please!

Here’s how the Task Bullet virtual assistant process works. Check out this quick video:

You can also read the full process by checking out How It Works.

What If I Need Assistance with Multiple Different Tasks?

If you are looking for multiple tasks to be completed, that’s fine too!

With the Task Bullet Bucket System, you simply purchase your bucket of hours, and those hours will be doled out between the different tasks you need completed.

Your virtual assistant is dedicated to you! You can teach and establish a relationship with one person.

However, they may not always specialize in all the areas you need help with! Here at Task Bullet, we like to have specialized virtual assistants handling the exact tasks the specialize in.

For example, if you needed your virtual assistant to both follow up with your real estate leads, and also manage your social media accounts, you would likely have two different virtual assistants. Each specializing in one task over another.

Even though there are two virtual assistants doing two different tasks, they would still be pulling their allotted hours from the same bucket, until the hours run out and it’s time to buy more!

Make sense?

We sure hope so.

How Do You Get Started?

Well that is one of the easiest questions you’ve ever asked! Getting started with Task Bullet virtual assistants is super easy!

Just head to our Plans & Pricing page, chose the Bucket you would like to start with, and go from there! OR if you have more questions, you can head to our Contact page, or simply open a chat in that little bubble on the bottom right of your screen.

We hope this helped you understand what virtual assistants do a little bit better and we hope to work with you soon!